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India leather market; raw material prices higher due to shortage. Products on the market will soon be purchased by buyers. Leather trade remained calm and demand was weak. However, transactions on finished goods (such as uppers and footwear) are becoming more and more important. In the goat skin, the turnover is still limited due to the small supply of raw leather. A wax (leather) exporters have been regularly buy 4/6 square feet (grade tr1-2) of tanned leather, a small volume of transaction transaction price of 62 rupees, the larger trading volume transaction price 2 rupees (64 rupees). Big traders point out that they should reach 70 rupees at their next sale. 5/8 square feet of low-grade varieties, market stability, prices remain unchanged. Fur for suede leather has risen by 5% in a month. A good brand is priced at 62 rupees, and a medium brand is priced at 58.00-60.00 rupees. Some vegetable tanned leather (natural goat suede leather tanning business) has turned to the production of pure chromium suede, because the demand for this product in the growth. The price has risen from 70 rupees a month ago to 80 rupees, and now the Tanner even talks about 85 rupees. But the price of 85 rupees was resisted by buyers. Pure chrome standard lining leather prices remain unchanged, but the volume of transactions is lacking. sheep sk jordans on sale online in: resin soft sheep leather demand is moderate, the price remains unchanged. Sellers are not interested in higher prices for high-quality products, and still prefer to sell their mixed grade packaged products at composite prices. In spite of the limited demand of natural high-grade products, the raw leather suitable for suede leather is more expensive. Some tanneries even pause buying raw materials because they still have stock. Traders do not expect too many transactions until mid january. Prices of natural, chrome grade products remain stable. cowhide: businesses in northern India continue to be interested in finished calfskin and calfskin. Prices remain roughly unchanged, sometimes rising by RS 0.50, which is due to an increase in production costs. The shoe manufacturer's deal on pure chrome Beige lining is flat. As long as the price is still workable, the buyer will buy all the available products. buffalo leather and light Buffalo Leather: water leather prices have stabilized or risen by 2 rupees. Light water leather prices are reported to have risen at least by 7-8%. small buffalo leather: the peak season has arrived, but buyers' interest and actions are still slow. The reason is that some big tanneries think prices should be the same as last year. They have a lot of trouble at the present higher prices. (editor in air jordan 11 space jam for sale charge: Asian shoe industry)Sneaker Con the well-known shoes summit to visit Atlanta back again, from all sides in this collection of shoes fan enthusiasm remains so high, everyone from the exchange, to share happiness in shoes. While the summit can clearly perceive the appearance rate of Adidas increased dramatically, thanks to Yeezy and NMD and a series of new strong breakthrough, now might follow us to feel the warm atmosphere of the scene. Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-121.jpg (316.04 KB, download number: 34) download Sneaker Con 2016 shoes summit in Atlanta station 2016-9-20 10:02 upload Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-120.jpg (372.21 KB, download number: 34) download Sneaker Con 2016 shoes summit in Atlanta station 2016-9-20 upload 10:02 Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-116.jpg (363.48 KB, download number: 33) download Sneaker Con 2016 shoes summit in Atlanta station 2016-9-20 upload 10:02 Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-117.jpg (371.77 KB, download number: 32) download Sneaker Con 2016 shoes summit in Atlanta station 2016-9-20 10:02 upload Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-118.jpg (421.21 KB, download number: 35) download Sneaker Con 2016 shoes summit in Atlanta station 2016-9-20 10:02 upload Sneaker-Con-Atlanta-On-Foot-Recap-119.jpg (349.87 KB, download number: 33) download S0still rem Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ember the Usher Pro exposure of the Jordan Air 3 metal color it? The golden light shoes outsole crystal collocation let countless people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Recently, the network appeared a few pieces of this air jordan 3 gold metal details of the picture, presented by the metal mirror effect of the shoe body, tongue also embroidered with three gold stars, the use of relief effect followed by Jumpman logo detail building, base of tie-in gold lace and crystal, whole shoe money full grandiose beauty. source: kandbar's Nike Air Presto, which is heavily engraved this year, has also tried adding different elements, bringing new blood to the pair of special running shoes born in 2000. Nike Flyknit Air Presto changed the original design of the lower barrel, with shoe shoe body and the re interpretation; on the upper sock cover type as the main body of the Nike Air Presto after joining Flyknit, believe that the coating degree will also upgrade again. Although the current published style are monochrome, but it is worth mentioning that Air Presto Nike is the first double by digital printing style, this has brought infinite potential for uppers, including the impressive lightning color and so on, and Flyknit also have a characteristic pattern of freedom intertwined, both sides in the combination and development of r jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black eal exciting. source: ComplexPuma President Bj RN? Gulden in the last year thanks to a letter of the consumer, it is referred to the Tsugi family will run the streets in 2017 to bring the new field for the appearance, even the shadow of the Tsugi? I haven't seen it, it would be difficult to imagine in what form is sweeping the streets, such as the Tsugi family managed to restore justice. The trend is more and more clear, from the beginning of the TSUGI Shinsei to TSUGI NETFIT, then this time? The? TSUGI Blaze, PUMA will have the special structure? IGNITE to carry forward the street, in addition to a number of celebrities to deduction, a move into this plant? Blaze of Glory element is also very good. PUMA Blaze of Glory launched in 1993, when the designer does not have a particular set of tonality orientation, after PUMA with running shoes to define it, perhaps because of this, Blaze of Glory, as in all areas of water, running, leisure, the streets can still move it already has been? The family of Tsugi phase, but this time with more not the same fabric again subvert the imagination, evoKNIT is hot headed vamp, with the shoe socks more fit? Blaze of Glory's architecture, retains the classic soul has more and more Oriental street appearance, and because of the implantation of evoKNIT brings comfortable wearing experience. PUMA TSU Retro jordans for sale GI Blaze evoKNIT has been on the PUMA website in the United States, a total of black and white, priced at $100. source: HYPEBEAST / Hanonadidas UltraBOOST 3 'Multicolor' Taiwan area was sold at a particular store in June 23rd, priced at $6500. Adidas Taiwan running fan group is currently in the Facebook store announced, intends to start prospecting shoe please refer to the following links in the actual information, selling way and place to store transaction mechanism please announcement, more shoes selling messages can also be listed at speed reference station. Adidas Taiwan running fans source: Taiwan Adidas running fans Iverson has not even ares Allen at the NBA stadium for many years, but in the hearts of many basketball fans still occupy an important position, although not to see him again fighting figure, but in the 1999 release of Reebok Question Low "OG" will be back again. 76 echo color shirt plus honeycomb cushion visible in the bottom, is one of the year in the Iverson fans the most beautiful memories of this color after a 26 year hiatus in July 25th listed abroad. source: finishlineUnder Armour Curry 2.5 'Elemental' Taiwan area will be on sale in July 15th, the price is NT$4980 yuan, model: 1274425-001. We collate Under Armour Facebook for you, Taiwan in the sales outlets announced, the actual sales methods, mec cheap air jordans hanisms and locations, transactions with the store announcement shall prevail. - store - Zhongxiao address: Taipei City Daan District Four 181 Lane Road 10 Lane 17, Tel: (02) store address - pate Taipei City Songshan District Road No. 20 three pate floor 1 Tel: (02) - Shilin store address: Taipei Shilin District High Road No. 15-11 - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 1 floor address: Taiwan Mitsukoshi Taichung situn District, Taichung City Avenue Three No. 301 floor 12 Tel: (04) - Chiayi store address: Chiayi City District No. 376 Zhongshan Road Tel: (05) Kaohsiung daluge Caoya - address: Kaohsiung city Zhongshan four road 100, 1 floor, Tel: (07 963-1669) - Henry new Horie a five - Frederick address: Kaohsiung City Road No. 373 Xinxing District Guanghua in addition, the official website of the unified operation of Greater China will also be sold simultaneously. If we receive any updates to the store point messages, the official website may invite some of them to follow up on their own. Under Armour official website source: Under Armou〉 earlier, Adidas hosted a welcome party with Foot Locker at the Westfield shopping center in Losangeles to welcome Jeremy Lin to join the purple army and help the city of angels. Jeremy Lin obviously has a good popularity, first held in the jordan 3 katrina 2018 local brand of public events attracted more than 500 fans lined up to catch a glimpse of Jeremy Lin and get his signature, in response to the enthusiasm of the scene, Jeremy Lin and Adidas are particularly overweight, participate in the activities of the fans in the 75 of them can get tickets for next season the Lakers home court and see the presence of Jeremy Lin, from the photos to see Jeremy Lin should also thank the fans, with the most brilliant smile and interaction in response to the support. data provided: adidas power has gradually become synonymous with modern basketball player, than early players, now in the popularization of sports science, many players than before more prominent and quickly and strong, like the Andrew Wiggins is one example. Even came into the League soon, from his body and exercise ability seems is the new generation, with a shallow force however, there is not enough space, but also wear boots can be Adidas ready to play to maximize strength. As a result, Adidas brings a Crazy Explosive, is expected to pick up the burden of team shoes, and find Wiggins endorsement. The naming of shoes is not difficult to find for players who are explosive, but what about the rest? Let's analyze it step by step. Boost coated comfort to sum up, Crazy Explosive provides a full range of performance, in the fac buy cheap jordans online e of today's high tempo competition, really can bring substantial help for the players, and also hope that the season Andrew 〉Air Jordan XX9 will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 source: Nike recently, the media exposed a Air Jordan 4 new color reproduction information. According to this appears to be the product manual of the photos, this Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 3 this year launched a "Powder Blue" color quite similar, number, release date and price are also displayed, so this information is accurate? We will be interested in follow-up reports. recently, Packer Shoes official exposure of joint shoes with Reebok Reebok Question Mid. this shoe to basketball elite Saint Anthony as the theme of the design, the luxurious style of the main shoe body for the gold, the tongue and into the red shoelaces. and, as a global limited amount, was sold on Packers Shoes in December 18, 2014, some of which would be donated to the St.Anthony team.In 1983, six defensive players in flight suits stood on the tarmac, taking pictures of Nike Air Force 1, the latest basketball shoe of the day. Their toughness, strength, fo cheap foamposites rtitude and strength are their symbols, as well as the essence of these shoes. Since then, basketball has developed continuously, attracting not only the attention of the whole world, but also the creative activities from art to fashion. Likewise, these areas have inspired basketball players. While location, technology, and data are changing, the desire for success is the same as in the early days of Air Force 1. With the development of basketball, Air Force 1 is also changing. The new Special Field Air Force 1 with a high quality full grain leather, tearing ballistic nylon material and new adjustable woven ankle strap, also increased as the hidden pockets inconspicuous design elements to enhance the function of. Faced with such a comprehensive innovation design, James can not wait to try the first demonstration. 7788.jpg (297.83 KB, download times: 2) download attachment James is the first to try on a new generation of Nike Special Field Air Force 1 2016-11-14 , Nike, Special, Field, Air, Force 1, James, AF1, Nike, Air, Force 101 at 11:42 Kumi Koda just out of the shadow of a woman who is 35 years old or above, who has been insulted by the decay of the fluid. Kumi Koda has paid the price for her own lack of common sense. She was wearing high heels to participate in baseball kick-off ceremony, this time not only by net jordans on sale mens izens have accused, and even the media can not help shelling. in June 24th the Sankei Sports Newspaper reported the incident and criticized Kumi Koda's approach. According to reports, 21 Kumi Koda wearing a very sexy, came to held in Tokyo dome Giants Baseball team VS silver, her dress and the scene is extremely dissonant, by her high heels foot more than 10 cm, people are difficult to ignore. contestants were preparing for the big game; Kumi Koda stepped on a little hole with high heels and surprised everyone. Even the women reporters and presenters who entered the stadium were all dressed up in sports and leisure. Kumi Koda middle school or let the boys have to concede to the second baseman, especially when everyone in the efforts to prepare, she did not sound hard even greetings, extreme lack of politeness. "Sankei Sports" sharply pointed out: "although the female star kick-off approach is very interesting, but she in the sacred kick-off ceremony, dressed as usual on the same exposure, it is strange." : on the 28 day of last month, Maria Kylie also wore high heels at the kickoff of the baseball game, but after the press conference, she immediately apologized for the lack of common sense in Kumi Koda. television program "super morning" the host of three households in the west, but also in the program criticized Kumi Koda's behavior, even pointed out: "if the lawn so curled, she fell into the good earth!" on the other side of a female host Akae Zhuxu, also put forward: "how should also wear lightweight sports shoes or boots, high-heeled shoes is absolutely impossible!" as everyone knows Japanese favorite baseball is the national sport, has been a lot of heavyweight contest, will be invited to star kick-off, but the stars are almost always wear sports shoes to the stadium, Kumi Koda will not appear that no common sense behavior, no wonder that even the media on the fly shelling. (Editor: admin)NIKE basketball overwhelmed by the same LeBron 13 "opening night" the start of the night color of the official figure of angle, overall layout of the color clear, to the gray wolf MegaFuse vamp flagship, the lining, the midsole are all selected wine red rendering, and is equipped with a splash ink decorative effect, and on the tongue and heel tab is the introduction of the cork details appear, finally ending at the end of the series of standard LCE blue crystal; shoes previously by James in the season opener on foot, the officially on sale will begin on November 11, No. 823301-060. source: NIKECan not be said to be the long-awaited, but certainly make a lot of people fascinated, more suitable for leisure with Air Jordan 11 Low, in the upcoming summer breath: three color! The list is as follows: the April debut of the green snake wild Air Jordan XILow Green Snakeskin; May is the classic black patent leather with white cloth of the Air Jordan XI Low Concord; last June is the classic Air Jordan XI black Low new. 1.jpg (139.09 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 09:50 upload 2.jpg (112.5 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 09:50 upload 3.jpg (120.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-7 09:50 upload In order to cope with the coming of spring and summer, Jordan Brand will have a low shoe as a new type design of the main line, and the Jordan Future Low will be preferred. The appearance of the new Photo Blue version with its classic appearance design and minimalist design style struck again, the blue shoe body collocation white outsole is destined to become good works. jordan-future-low-photo-blue-1.jpg (62.88 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Future Low Photo Blue 2015-3-21 09:12 upload jordan-future-low-photo-blue-2.jpg (31.61 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan Future Low Photo Blue 2015-3-21 09:12 uploadNBA spurs star Leonard was on foot, with the AIr Jordan 11 "Midnight Navy", @MySole recently broke the shoes of the real spy photos. A large area of navy blue patent leather shoes is the bright spot, with white nylon uppers and North Carolina blue Jumpman Logo, and the blue crystal end of blessing, to see the shoes seem to have heard bursts of sound waves. Air Jordan 11, "Midnight Navy", ? color: White/Midnight, Navy-University, Blue number: 378037-123 offer date: November 24, 2017 offer price: $220 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! SOPH.'s "virtual soccer club" F.C.R.B. 2017 spring / summer series, the second wave single product was released immediately. F.C.R.B. this season with some pink, blue and green to bright colors throughout the season is always in the series, at the same time into stars and camouflage pattern SOPH. signs, combined with "F.C.R.B." and "Bristol Logo", including the hooded windproof coat, easy to incorporate Anorak, T-Shirt, hoodies, shorts and caps. Both the street style and movement of many choices. F.C.R.B. 2017 spring summer series will be landing in February 25th SOPH. flagship store, designated stores and official website. 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